TCC - Consulenze Tecnico Commerciali

Sometimes there are processes to create a product that are based exclusively on operational methods not always at the forefront.


Technical and commercial consulting in the processing of non-ferrous aluminum, aluminum alloy / copper and brass.
Technological support, verification and optimization of the process.


Industrialize, automate, monitor, increase security, and reduce the gap between the costs of production are our goals, so the customers come to us when it intends to implement a new process with the aim to improve the existing one.

TCC - Consulting

Thanks to the great experience of our consultants in the engineering industry and metallurgy, we are able to carry out:

  • Feasibility studies of operational processes
  • Analysis of business sector
  • Technical specifications and engineering of plant and machinery
  • Supervision at the sturt up facilities
  • Analysis and income statements of process
Our service extends globally addressing all of those customers who want to technological innovative with an eye for the environment by improving the quality and implementing the production.